Veterans Affairs

People with Veteran Gold card or Veteran White Card (when referred) can use Chiropractic services to manage conditions of their spine, muscles and nervous system, with the aim to improve mobility, reduce pain and treat muscle tightness. DVA clients first need a Chiropractor to assess the need for Chiropractic care with you and to create a treatment plan in order to help achieve your goals. Generally, Chiropractors will perform manual therapy on your spine and potentially on other parts of your limbs as well as provide exercises to help correct posture and other abnormalities found in your body.

At The Innate Connection we accept both Gold card and White card for Chiropractic services and bill the Department of Veteran Affairs directly.

Unfortunately, if you undergo treatment by Chiropractor you cannot receive physiotherapy or osteopathy at the same time, if both Chiropractors are treating the same condition or if you have had one of those therapies on the same day.

For White Card holders you must obtain a referral from a local doctor, GP, hospital planner and present to a Chiropractor within 12 months.

DVA patients often seek Chiropractic care for muscle and skeletal pain or joint injuries. Generally, the problems they present with are neck or lower back pain, headaches or migraines, sciatica and other kinds of nerve pain or disc bulges, whiplash, dizziness or vertigo as well as general joint conditions such as stiffness or arthritis. Please note that Chiropractic care has only been shown to help treat neck pain, back pain and muscular tension, not the other conditions mentioned. 

Here in The Innate Connection Croydon we are happy to accept DVA patients and you will not be billed anything out of pocket once we can charge the Department of Veteran Affairs directly. Call us to book your appointment.Therapist

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