Ongoing care for spinal health

Advertising guidelines prevent Chiropractors from suggesting ongoing care to their patients once they’re out of pain. Chiropractic care such as Wellness care, preventative care or maintenance care are not allowed to be advertised to the general public.

While people are in the Chiropractic office if they choose to undergo ongoing care for their spinal health, then this is the decision, like any other health care decision, that they made for themselves and can follow through with.

The effects of ongoing Chiropractic care for spinal health are difficult to determine due to the lack of scientific evidence in this field. Chiropractic does not feel fit well into these scientific testing paradigm as it is problematic to do a Chiropractic treatment versus a placebo or fake treatment without someone knowing. Because of this there is a lack of evidence for Chiropractic care and therefore the Australian advertising rules will not allow for advertising without suggest that Chiropractic can help with anything but neck pain, lower back pain or muscular tension.

Regardless of the research and advertising laws people can still choose what they want to do. Our Chiropractors are most comfortable with offering people a range of different options and explaining in person what we do and how we think it can benefit you. That gives you the education to decide for yourself on what kind of care you’d like to have your body, brain and nervous system.

If you’d like to learn more, feel free to call us at anytime and organise a talk with one of our Chiropractors who can explain further.

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