Dr Gretchen Balas


Dr Gretchen Balas


Gretchen's Chiropractic Schedule

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  • Tuesday 02:00 PM to 6:00 PM
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Chiropractic Qualifications

Chiropractors Biography

Dr Gretchen Balas (Chiropractor) loves helping people find their health through Chiropractic! She graduated from RMIT with Distinction, and holds a Bachelor of Health Science (Chiropractic) and Masters in Clinical Chiropractic. Her love for Chiropractic came after a recommendation from a work colleague to seek help for her chronically painful neck – that first adjustment literally changed her life!

Always having had an interest in science and the human body, plus a natural drug-free outlook on health, she embarked on the 5 year University journey because she knew she had to share the immense benefits of Chiropractic with others.

Initially her Chiropractic career was based on manual adjusting, however over time she discovered lower-force techniques such as Network Spinal and Torque Release Technique. Even though quite gentle, she has found these techniques to make more sustainable changes in the long term, changing old patterns to create new wellness strategies in the spine and nervous system. The saying that “less is more” couldn’t be truer when it comes to dealing with the nervous system. Patients that have previously been able to find a solution to their health issues are pleasantly surprised at how powerful Chiropractic is.

“Everyday I’m still in awe of the amazing healing power and innate wisdom of our body. As Chiropractors, we facilitate that process through gentle specific adjustments to the spine and nervous system. Our nervous system is the connection between every living cell in our body, to the people we interact with, and our environment. A well-functioning nervous system is the key to good health. “

Gretchen loves seeing people of all ages and realises that patient care is multifaceted when it comes to health. She has attended many Chiropractic technique seminars since beginning her Chiropractic journey, and has completed the Integral Energetics 2-year course from Tree of Life Integral Centre. She loves keeping up to date with Chiropractic and health science research, including new developments in quantum healing, energy and functional medicine, nutrition, women’s hormonal health and she doesn’t mind some cosmic inspiration!

Chiropractic Doctor's Skills

Integral Energectics
Low Force Chiropractic Care
Assessment and Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal Health Conditions
Neurological and Orthopaedic Rehabilitation prescription
Ability to refer for X-ray imaging

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