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Some people want a quick fix, or a patch up of their symptoms to get them through a specific event. Our focus is on removing issues and conditions and finding a permanent resolution, where the pain is gone and not coming back.

We have a special interest in neck pain, headaches and migraines and have developed a migraine protocol after spending time learning under Melbourne’s most experienced Chiropractor. We take the knowledge from the brain, skeleton, the body and the muscular system and integrate it in a way that can deal with all those problems at one time.

If you need relief from a condition, want to feel your best, have issues with sleep or just can’t find the right solution to your problem or even know where to start then we are the right place for you. Our Initial Consultation is a conversation where you get to share your story. The Chiropractor will listen, and then ask you questions that are relevant to your journey. Once you have accurately explained your pain and/or symptoms, and the Chiropractor has asked enough questions that they know they can proceed, then we can start with an examination to find out if Chiropractic is right for you.

Chiropractic care is important for everyone, and while we strive to be the Chiropractic clinic for everyone, some people have different goals to us. We enjoy getting to know people, talking to them and checking in with how their lives are going. If this sounds like something that appeals to you, then you can give us a call and organise a time to do an Initial Appointment with one of our Chiropractors.

Our Chiropractic Mission

Our mission is to serve the Croydon community with high end Chiropractic care that is appropriate for all ages. Every day we change people’s lives for the better. We give people more opportunity to do the things they want to do. This could be exercising more, being able to work without pain or having to take days off, getting out of debilitating pain or off medication.

Our examination procedure has been finely tuned to ensure efficiency and that we get to the root cause of the problem.

Chiropractic care with us improves function of the spine and nervous system. As a result symptoms generally stop on their own. Once someone has been under care for some period, we want to know what results have occurred outside of the clinic. We want to know how much more work you can do or how much more time you can spend with your family and friends. We want to know if you can start dating now, your sleep has improved or if you’re less moody.

These are the special moments that we hear from patients after we get to the root cause of the problem and begin to find a resolution. In the short-term, most people want to get out of pain and find the reason why they’re in pain in the first place, and short-term relief is our goal as well.

Long-term, the goal is to maintain a healthy spine and nervous system and prevent any further injury or pain from occurring. We use a variety of techniques to ensure that our patients feel comfortable during their session and that they get the most out of their care. We offer a variety of different therapies and exercises to help our patients stay healthy and maintain their spinal wellness long-term. Our team is also available to answer any questions and provide support to ensure that our clients get the most out of their care. We believe that everyone deserves to lead a life without pain and our mission is to help all of our clients achieve this.

We do this through using advanced treatment techniques as well as giving advice which is suited for different people. Your quality of life is important. People suffer every day and miss out on things they want to do because of back pain, neck pain, headaches and more. We want to give you more days where you can do what you want to do. This means more days where you are happy and make memories. We believe that if we can achieve this for people it is much more meaningful than just getting rid of pain. People will often only come to us once their pain is affecting something in their life that they can’t do, or can’t do as well as they would like to. It’s at this point that we need to find the cause of the problem, find out how long the problem has been there and then decide on the appropriate course of treatment that suits the individual patient and how busy they are. We believe that health should be a priority, but also understand that people have their own lives, families and responsibilities.
We will manage your pain, improve your function, educate you on your body and how it can be improved and create a plan to get you back to feeling your best – like resetting your body back to factory settings before your symptoms start happening.
Throughout the history of our Chiropractic offices, we have always been proud to be members of the local community and bring an honest approach to healthcare. We know and trust that people can see the quality and truthfulness themselves and will see the genuine concern and good nature of our practitioners.
To offer the highest possible standard of care our Chiropractors have undergone further training in neurology, the brain, spinal rehabilitation, advanced exercise programs and a variety of traditional Chiropractic techniques. We also practise Network and Torque Release techniques which are low force techniques. So, if you are unsure about having too much pressure put on your spine, these techniques are a way of reducing stress in your nervous system and allowing your body and brain to communicate efficiently and effectively with one another. This allows an accurate brain map of your body so that your brain can distinguish between what should be painful and what isn’t. It is not normal to be in pain constantly if nothing has happened.
We are happy to see patients with new pain, old pain, chronic pain, postural concerns, aches, stiffness in the back or neck, trouble with strength or asymmetry. Often people will tell us that they have one shoulder higher than the other or feel like they are out of alignment. They often have no idea why, and that’s why they have sought out our services to find out what the problem is and how to get a resolution.

Our promise is that you will always be treated with respect and listened to. We will always do our best to give you the treatment you need. Sometimes this can be hard to hear or hard to commit to, but we will always be open and honest with our best recommendations to what you need treatment wise, exercise wise and what lifestyle choices or changes you should make. Our style and procedures are unique and based on years of learnings and teachings. But ultimately, we get results, and therefore we continue to be successful as part of the Croydon community. Locate us here.

The Difference

To start with, we are attentive and listen to your specific concerns. We allow you to tell us what you need to without judgement or criticism. We are open Saturday and after work hours. We do not perform treatment until we know it is the right course of treatment to help your specific condition. Will utilise X-ray images (when necessary) and show you these images as well as taking the time to explain them properly, in a way you will understand. We pride ourselves on having expert communication and the ability to talk to anyone and have them understand what their problem is and what the solution is.

We take the honest country style and bring it to Melbourne. We allow enough time during the appointment for you to share any new problems that have occurred. We offer same day appointments if we have enough time to see you. We create treatment plans based on our assessment and what you tell us, this is different depending on age, how long the problem has been there, how much it is affecting your life and what the Chiropractor can physically feel and examine on your spine, body and brain function. We are the only Chiropractor in the area that assesses neurological and brain function and how it cooperates with your body.

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The Director and Principal Chiropractor at The Innate Connection, Justin, moved to the area after graduating high school and has lived here ever since. His need for knowledge meant that he sought after Melbourne’s most experienced Chiropractors to learn their ways before it was time to start a clinic closer to home and his family. Justin has worked alongside Melbourne’s biggest Chiropractic clinics and with Melbourne’s most experienced Chiropractor.

He takes the knowledge from both and combines with his learnings of the brain and nervous system from an American College to create the perfect mix of efficiency, thoroughness and understanding that the body and brain are connected, and both can be equally important to assess and treat.

Justin’s favourite saying is “there is always an excuse NOT to do something”. To him, this means that you should always try to do things and don’t let yourself make excuses. This applies to relationships, work, business, lifestyle and more.

After years of working with many brilliant Chiropractors, Justin wanted the freedom of working close to home and being able to be closer to his young family. He decided it was time to start fresh and be able to take all the knowledge he had gained over many years and use that knowledge he has gained to help and serve people in need.

He believes that human existence is about avoiding suffering, and that while humans can have high pain thresholds and put up with a lot of problems, they don’t need to. He believes that with the right assistance anyone can improve their health and lifestyle through pain reduction, diet and exercise and of course Chiropractic care.

Given that Justin has a background in Biomedical Science- which is the study of the cells in your body, the way your body produces energy at a microscopic level and how disease can develop and be treated- as well as his American training in brain anatomy and how to improve brain functions through specific exercises with the eyes and in the inner ear balance system, Justin is in a new unique position to assist with complex cases as well as typical cases of neck pain, back pain and postural issues.

Even though Justin has eight years of University qualifications as well as further study of body, brain exercises and rehabilitation, he has been able to find similarities in all areas and bring them together to help his patients in the best way possible. This also means that Justin has an ability to treat a lot more people than he would without his training. Some people need more body work, other people need more nervous system work and other people need more brain work. It is Justin’s ability to figure out which one a person needs at which specific time that sets him apart from the others.

To gain experience in his early years, Justin filled in for Melbourne’s busiest Chiropractor and as a result has amazing skills with his hands that other Chiropractors just do not get the chance to develop. Combining this with his ability to feel for dysfunction and observe changes that are related to the brain, posture and typical pain patterns, means that Justin can achieve results that other practitioners would give up on.

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42 reviews on
Jason Handley
Jason Handley
I can highly recommend giving them a go if you are in pain or suffering from sleep problems. I have been seeing Justin there for 6 weeks now and he is very professional and has helped me with pain management and movement
Matthew Webb
Matthew Webb
Justin is fantastic, could not recommend highly enough. Polite, friendly and welcoming staff.
Noin Raju
Noin Raju
Thanks to Dr Justin,very informative and feel much relief just in first session....
Colin Bevan
Colin Bevan
Very pleased with the expertise and friendliness of this practise. Justin is a very confident and caring specialist.
Aunty Doris Whitbread (IpparityMurundu)
Aunty Doris Whitbread (IpparityMurundu)
Justin is very thorough & I felt immediate relief after my first treatment. I recommend this service to anyone who is suffering with spinal pain. They will help you.
Padma Lee
Padma Lee
I’m quite new to Innate Connection, but have received network chiropractic treatment at various stages of my life since I was a child. The team at Innate Connection have been wonderfully warm and welcoming. Dr Gretchen Balas has been providing wholistic support for my injury and it has been great to see that even after many years, my body still remembers how to move and breathe and gradually heal itself.
Lorraine Cretella
Lorraine Cretella
Lovley people Justin understands your needs and is very professional in his approach
Michael Brown
Michael Brown
Have been going to Justin for a while now and am so happy with the change to my back. Pain gone and mobility back. The team have been fantastic.
Maree Rothwell
Maree Rothwell
Great Innate chiro care. A lovely practice with lovely staff. Gretchen has taken care of me and my children for many years. Lesley the chiro assistant is friendly helpful and always professional.