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Chiropractic Treatment for Migraines: A New Perspective from Innate Connection Chiropractic on Activating Relief

Severe throbbing pain is just one part of the debilitating symptom list for one of the world’s most common complex neurological diseases, migraines, which are also accompanied by vomiting, visual auras, sensitivity to light and sound, as well as nausea. Despite evidence linking migraines with several potential factors such as genetics, hormone fluctuations, and environment, the exact causality behind migraines has thus far evaded explanation. The team at Innate Connection Chiropractic takes a different tact with migraine treatment, addressing the source of the pain rather than covering symptoms with medication.

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Exploring the Diverse Spectrum of Migraines: Understanding Different Types and Subtypes

Migraines are not a one-size-fits-all condition. In fact, there are more than ten subtypes, each with its own set of symptoms and triggers. Understanding these different types is crucial for developing a personalized treatment plan. Here are a few examples:

  • Migraine without Aura: This is the most common type of migraine, characterised by moderate or severe pulsating headaches lasting from hours to days and may be associated with nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light and sound.
  • Migraine with Aura: This kind of migraine is preceded or associated with a sensory warning symptom called an aura. Auras often involve visual disturbances, such as flashing lights or blind spots, but can also include sensory, motor or verbal symptoms. Aura usually lasts 20-60 minutes, and then the headache phase follows.
  • Menstrually related migraine: These are migraines that occur during the days leading up to or during menstruation. While other migraine incidents may afflict women, too, a menstrually related migraine is typically more severe – and occurs precisely around the time of the period.
  • Chronic Migraine: These are defined as migraine headaches occurring on at least 15 days per month for at least three months, with at least eight per month being migraine headache days. Due to their significant impact on daily function, treatment is often needed for the long term.
  • Hemiplegic Migraine: Hemiplegic migraines are thought to be rare. They involve temporary paralysis or weakness on one side of the body (hemiplegia) that occurs either during or after the migraine attack. Other symptoms include vision changes, difficulty speaking, and sensations of numbness or bright spots in the area of weakness.
  • Vestibular Migraine: Vertigo or Dizziness—It often occurs with other migraine features like striking headache, nausea, phonophobia, and photophobia.Migraine-associated vertigo can seriously undermine balance and is, hence, confusing to diagnose outside of migraine headaches. It might be mistaken for a peripheral vestibular disorder.
  • Ocular Migraine: These visual symptoms can be scary, but usually last less than an hour and are followed by or may occur with a headache. They can come in a variety of forms, but the most common type of ocular migraine leads to temporary partial vision loss in one eye. When vision returns, the visual experience may have a wavy, ‘cartoon’ appearance or may involve seeing zigzag shapes or bright dots of light.
  • Status Migrainosus: This latest subtype is used when a migraine episode stays longer than 72 hours without relief. Status migrainous can be life-altering and might require medication as well as hospitalisation to control symptoms and prevent complications.

Additionally, there may or may not be specific triggering factors for each migraine type and particular strategies to manage them, so those experiencing migraines should work with their healthcare providers to customise treatment strategies to their needs.

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The Chiropractic Perspective on Migraine Treatment

At Innate Connection Chiropractic, we believe that migraines are the result of nerve system dysfunction and structural imbalance. Our approach is to correct this structural imbalance, which we see as the root cause of migraines. By doing so, we can relieve the nerve system dysfunction that causes migraine pain. While medication may provide short-term relief by addressing the dysfunction, chiropractic care offers a long-term solution by correcting the body’s imbalance and promoting overall health.

Returning Proper Spinal Posture

Such spinal dysfunction also manifests as stiffness. It can exacerbate migraine pain, and it is our mission to help reduce migraine pain by correcting spinal dysfunction. Our chiropractors will address the compromised spinal function and restore normal spinal movement by employing an adjustment technique to specific areas of the spine to help reduce the overall area of muscle tension and help lower the neurological system’s stress.

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Relaxation for Tense Muscles

Upper back, neck, and shoulder muscle tension often trigger migraines. At Innate Connection Chiropractic, we relieve muscle tension and stress on the neural system and use a variety of treatments, including manual therapy (adjusting), massage, and stretching. Our goal is to alleviate migraine pain and improve the function of our patients’ bodies. We can help correct muscle imbalances and encourage relaxation.

Discovering Ways to Improve One’s Lifestyle

But besides helping patients manage disabilities and optimise health from the comfort of our office, our chiropractors work with migraine patients to identify what they may be doing every day to make the symptoms worse. Exercises to improve postural issues, modifications to diet, and better dealing with stress are all possibilities of this broad-perspective strategy. Chiropractic care may reduce the frequency and severity of migraines, leading to a sense of empowerment as patients integrate the benefits of informed lifestyles to improve their long-term well-being.

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Valuing a Holistic Approach to Health

Pain relief becomes secondary within the paradigm of chiropractic care—a systemic, or ‘whole person’, model of wellness. There can be personality shifts, improved quality of life, and overall health. In this healing environment, one that is safe and inviting, migraine sufferers may begin to discover options for life-long wellness that go beyond merely ‘managing’ the problem.

In overview

Reclaim your life with the most effective migraine treatment at Innate Connection Chiropractic. Our integrated migraine treatment program is designed to alleviate symptoms and empower our patients to take control of their health. If you’re seeking solutions to migraines, visit us, or discover how chiropractic care can bring relief and a renewed sense of wellness. Start your journey towards better, lasting health and resilience today

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Jason Handley
I can highly recommend giving them a go if you are in pain or suffering from sleep problems. I have been seeing Justin there for 6 weeks now and he is very professional and has helped me with pain management and movement
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Matthew Webb
Justin is fantastic, could not recommend highly enough. Polite, friendly and welcoming staff.
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Thanks to Dr Justin,very informative and feel much relief just in first session....
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Aunty Doris Whitbread (IpparityMurundu)
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Padma Lee
I’m quite new to Innate Connection, but have received network chiropractic treatment at various stages of my life since I was a child. The team at Innate Connection have been wonderfully warm and welcoming. Dr Gretchen Balas has been providing wholistic support for my injury and it has been great to see that even after many years, my body still remembers how to move and breathe and gradually heal itself.
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Lorraine Cretella
Lovley people Justin understands your needs and is very professional in his approach
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Have been going to Justin for a while now and am so happy with the change to my back. Pain gone and mobility back. The team have been fantastic.
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Great Innate chiro care. A lovely practice with lovely staff. Gretchen has taken care of me and my children for many years. Lesley the chiro assistant is friendly helpful and always professional.

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