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If you want to feel your best and be under the guidance of a professional, trustworthy health practitioner, then the Innate Connection is the ideal place for you and your family.
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Let us help you achieve a better state of health, feel great, happy, healthy and active. At The Innate Connection, we make sure that every patient is individually cared for, and if we aren’t the right practitioner for you, we will tell you who is.  

We take an in-depth view of your health journey, find out specific important details that you may have missed and then perform an examination that allows us to know if chiropractic care is the solution for you.

We only accept patients we know we can help. We are here for symptom resolution, to improve state of well-being, performance and brain function.
Our mission is to serve the Croydon community by building trusting relationships with our patients.

Here at the Innate Connection, we believe in patient care that is individualised to what that person needs at that time. Through an advanced assessment of your spine, body function and brain function we can determine the best course of treatment for you.

We have found that word-of-mouth referrals are the best way for us to help more people, so we always make sure that your experience with Chiropractic care is the best it can possibly be. We want you out of pain, exercising, working, sleeping and performing your daily tasks easily.  Take control of your health and improve brain and spinal function.

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Dr. Justin Mitrevski


Dr. Gretchen Balas


Dr Erin Ponton

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We are often the destination for people with complex issues. Where practitioners have not been able to find solutions, we are often able to find the missing piece of the puzzle that is required for your health to improve rapidly. Unlike other healthcare providers, we work with people to find long-term solutions, through exercise, treatment and lifestyle changes. We like to educate our patients, so they better understand their body and how to manage themselves to be happy and healthy.

Our goal is that our practice members are happier, fitter and healthier than the rest of the community. If you look after your body, your body will look after you.
We have experienced chiropractors who have worked in the area for a long time. Our chiropractors have overachieved since university and beyond. Their ability to use their hands to identify problem areas is second to none. When you come to us you will receive a plan to achieve the result you are looking for. We will give you answers as to why you are in pain, tension, stiffness, soreness or pinching. We refer people for medical imaging such as x-rays, MRI and ultrasound.

We have a special interest in the brain and its ability to communicate with the body. This connection is often missed by practitioners as the brain is too complicated for most to understand. Once you have knowledge of the brain, and know that it controls pain, movement and function, you can truly begin to make lasting change in people’s lives. We observe the way people walk, move their eyes, move their bodies and which areas are sore. We focus on your area of concern first.

We listen and trust that people know their body better than anyone, and often can tell that there is a problem. Contact us now to get treated by our chiropractic adjustments. Take control of your health and improve brain and spinal function.

Traditional Chiropractic Techniques

What We Offer

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic Care What is Chiropractic Care? Chiropractic care takes a focus on the spine first. Chiropractors will attempt to find spinal dysfunctions a.k.a. subluxations, joint

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chiropractor showing the x-ray for the patients


What is Gonstead Chiropractic Technique? Gonstead Chiropractic is a specific Chiropractic technique that requires detailed analysis of spinal X-rays to determine precise areas that require

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chiropractor with diversified techniques


What is Diversified Chiropractic technique? The Diversified technique is the most commonly used technique by Chiropractic professionals. Our Chiropractor at the Innate Connection in Croydon

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chiropractic activator


What is Activator? The activator is a Chiropractic tool that allows Chiropractors to use small, quick thrusts into a joint without using their hands. The

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Thompson Technique by Dr justin

Thompson Technique

What is Thompson Technique? Thompson technique is a popular form of Chiropractic care that utilises a drop table to assist the Chiropractor in providing thrusts

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